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Our Services

In today's business world which is largely driven by strategies and out-of-box elements; events such as conferences, tech-shows, trade fairs, seminars and various other types of corporate events have become a prime necessity for any kind of business or economic organization to provide a boost to its sleeping business functionality.

With this, it becomes an utmost necessity to have a handy and reliable corporate event management service provider who can manage the whole affair of an Event Management, right from conceptualization to onsite execution with much diligence and accuracy.

Scorpio Events has expertise in offering such type of event management services, since its inception with unmatched professionalism. We have always strived for touching the zenith of excellence in its all varied types of event management services.

Our list of services are mentioned below:

Star Nights & Entertainment shows

With our extensive database of performers, live acts, etc. we also provide the perfect mix of explosive elements to guarantee the all round success of any event. At Scorpio, we produce various shows like: Live Concert, Musical Night, Celebrity Shows, Fashion Shows, Disco, Rock Sand in terms of content, set-up, costumes, stage, light and sound. We also offer celebrity management services, entertainment show management, coordinates with Bollywood Film stars, Entertainers, Sports, Personalities Models and Promoters. We look after the appointments of the celebrities, the stage setup, lighting and many more..

Fashion & Laser Shows

we are also one of the few successful event management firms to organize fashion show and laser shows used in designer shows and beauty pageants. we create a platform showcasing the collection, effectively planned to achieve the desired results. Considering the various parameters like: sounds, lights, sequences well choreographed, venue well chosen, we set the right mood for any evening event. In today's advertising scenario, visuals make great impact and can enhance the recall value of various brand.

Ad & Corporate Film making

We know that Curtain Raisers, Thematic AVs, Closing Films, Corporate film have the complete essence for any company's corporate image and strategy. Therefore it is very important to focus on the core competencies & other aspects relevant these creations.

We are one of the leading names to have the ability to capture the thought and portray messages accurately to produce some of the highest impact, short duration films.

Venue Selection & Booking

Be it corporate seminars, entertainment shows, exhibitions, corporate parties or roadshows, Scorpio believes in end-to-end business solutions. Right from the venue selection to the execution of the event to the post analysis of the event, Scorpio has always been at its best..

Wedding Management

Weddings are made in Heaven, but its enactment on earth has undergone a profound transformation. As a bride or groom, you deserve the very best, and that is exactly what Scorpio Wedding Planners in Bangalore gives. The wedding of your dreams can be made in to an unforgettable experience by us.

Our top-notch team of event professionals will help you with complete conceptualization, detailing and flawless execution of the entire wedding ceremony. We believe in relieving you off any pressure and anxiety, giving you to participate in the event and enjoy the proceedings.

We at Scorpio Wedding Planners in Bangalore will facilitate your needs to ensure that you will enjoy the day of your dreams. Whether you are getting set to plan a small intimate wedding or a large ethnic wedding, we will be sure to make it memorable. Our team engages with you on all details of the event and guides you at every step so that your vision for the event becomes the reality.

Scorpio Events Management is one of the most sought after Wedding Planners in Bangalore, who has delivered corporate events, conferences, parties, celebrity shows, fashion shows and weddings with perfection.

Our extensive wedding event management services include:

  • Venue Booking
  • Invitation cards selection and design
  • Bridal Attire
  • Gift Packing
  • Gift Registry
  • Professional Makeup Artists
  • Stage decoration
  • Theme decoration
  • Floral decoration
  • Car decoration
  • Wedding decoration
  • Balloon decoration
  • Cultural or entertainment events arrangement
  • Professional photography and video graph
  • Sounds and lighting coordination
  • Catering Services
  • Cocktails and snacks
  • Honeymoon package

Audio Visuals, Staging & Lighting Setup

we are one of the few leading names to supply sound, lighting staging equipment for all types of events. Designed to enhance any venue, our sound systems provide the finest quality sound in a large concert hall or theater. Its versatility makes it suitable for groups, social events, bands and conference use. Powerful enough to enhance any performance and to easily be heard in any venue, our equipment incorporates front of house speakers and rear speakers for use where extra clarity is required for conferences. We also offer a full lighting rig with on and off-stage effects along with the latest sound to light programming and controlling plus manual control where it is required.

Event Backdrop & Venue Branding

We believe in generating creative concepts and innovative designs with live models. Our in-house design studio and experienced creative team can suggest spectacular themes, create a glorious setting and provide the branding that is required.

Corporate Events - Seminars & Conferences

Scorpio Corporate Events division in Bangalore organizes and implements meetings, annual meetings, inauguration ceremonies etc. It lets you be tension free as we present endless portfolio of corporate event management for corporate group outings, annual meetings, customer meetings and corporate inauguration ceremonies. Our event organisers in Bangalore are highly admired by our clients for offering the best and most dependable services.

Seminars and Conferences

Corporates plan and execute meetings with their audience and target them with relevant information. Usually shorter events are called Seminars that lasts for a couple of hours or a whole day. They have one or more than one speakers and keep all participants together in the same space.

Conferences typically have more than one session that happens at the same time. They are held at hotels, begin with a keynote session and then hold breakout sessions by topic. A conference is planned more than one day.

Trade Shows

Corporates conducts trade shows to generate leads or host one to reinforce their image in the industry as a leader.

In trade shows, event planning involves sponsorship rates for booth space, opportunity to talk about your company, advertising and promotion activities at the event.

We also assure the logistics like promotional materials, decorations and workforce arrive on time for your company’s event.

Executive Retreats and Incentive Programs

This program lasts typically between three to five days and requires a lot of planning and executing. This includes site selection, lodging, transportation, catering, meetings or golf and other activities. This is where usually the money is spend on per person basis. Negotiation skills are very important for this program because it involves all aspects of event planning. Scorpio Event organisers in Bangalore strategically engage your target audience by integrating the core values of your Brand or Business.

  • We personalize your brand
  • We motivate your employees so they live up to the brand promise to consumers
  • We create the bond between your product or service and your end consumer

Scorpio Event Management Pvt Ltd emerged as a full pledged event management company in Bangalore and is one of the best event organisers in Bangalore known for high quality and are preferred in corporate world for promotion...

Product Launch & Press Meet

Committed to create an impact and hype among the right target segment, we provide an accurate concept and storyboard to launch the product with a dazzling effect. We innovate new styles so that the product can make its way to the consumer. We are also one of the leading and dominant names to offer competitively priced press meets at respective venues described by our clients.

Multimedia, Animation and Corporate Presentation

Welcome to the world of 3D design and 2D animation. We believe in changing the normal world to something bizarre, because normal is boring. Right? So try looking at the world not in straight view but in a zig zag fashion and you would find there lots of things that would interest you.

3-D animation is one such element that is in zig zag fashion today. And we use it in all possible directions. Using this powerful tool, we have achieved great heights in the following fields for most of our prestigious clients.

Our verticals using 3-D & 2D animation as a tool:

  • CD-ROM applications
  • Corporate CD presentations
  • 3-D & 2D virtual product viewer & Games
  • Corporate movie
  • 3D stall design & Stage setup design

We have used this wonderful tool for our prestigious clients like HP, Nasscom, ISA etc

Please see the demo of our services for better information and give your eyes a virtual treat!

Trade Fairs & Exhibitions / Octanorm stall

Scorpio has capabilities and experience to handle industry specific trade fairs & exhibitions with capabilities throughout India. We have executed some of India's largest industry exhibitions for various industries. Our complete exhibition management solution includes designing the exhibition venue, venue identification, exhibitor promotion, onsite management, visitor promotion, registration and all other aspects involved. Scorpio cuts through the typical trade show clutter of handouts and giveaways. Our unique, entertaining and professionally scripted presentations get right to the heart of your message.

Scorpio's Tradeshow presentations:

  • Increase booth traffic 
  • Highlight the features, advantages and benefits of your product or service 
  • Distinguish your products and leave a lasting positive impression 
  • Generate more qualified leads

If you are seeking a new, unique and effective strategy to communicate with your customers, Scorpio provides you with a creative and fresh style. Increase the power and impact of your customer meetings, celebrations and events.

We specialize in:

  • Customer appreciation events
  • Direct sales presentations
  • New product launches

Client Registration

We request all our Clients to provide us their complete details and get registered with us so that we have develop a healthy business relationship which is fruitful to both parties. For this purpose, we request you to submit our Client Registration Form.

Vendor Registration

We request all our vendors to provide us their complete details and get registered with us so that we have develop a healthy business relationship which is fruitful to both parties. For this purpose, we request you to submit our Vendor Registration Form.

Event Brief Form

An event brief is a complete overview of the event you are planning to run. It includes any details relevant to the event and how you expect it to run such as key dates, limitations etc. We refer this throughout the event so that we can track the progress and stay focused.

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